Will Parry PhD, MSc, BEng (hons.)

I’m a British social scientist, statistician and data scientist with over 12 years’ experience in research and consultancy.

I work as a freelance consultant for a variety of clients including government departments, the NHS, academia, research consultancies, think tanks, charities, the voluntary sector, and others in the UK and Europe.

I am very keen on all things scientific and regard myself as a ‘skeptic with a k’. I have previously taught statistical and survey methods, software skills for data analysis, critical thinking skills and the scientific method.

I have a PhD in Quantitative Social Science from the UCL Institute of Education, an MSc in Social Research Methods from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a BEng (hons) in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Bath.

More information on my experience is available here.

Disclaimer: Everything published on this site represents my own personal views and opinions and does not represent in any way the views and opinions of any organisations or individuals I may work for or with.