Poster on experiences of exercise at age 10 in the BCS70


UPDATE 21/11/2012:
The image is now updated with the correct numbers from the analysis.

[UPDATE 20/11/2012:
Unfortunately, I have found an error in my poster – the numbers are not right. I will update shortly and repost the image. Apologies!]

I am presenting this poster at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies conference at IOE tomorrow (20/11/2012). It shows some results from a chapter of my thesis related to two contrasting theories of how experiences of exercise inside and outside of school are related. The findings provide evidence against the kind of perspective on school sport and physical education that is commonly found in policy documents, whilst supporting an alternative perspective related to academic theories on socialisation into sport by family and friends outside school. It’s very condensed and brief here and I am hoping I will soon be able to post a working paper which will provide the detailed analysis behind what is shown in this poster. Comments/criticism welcome.